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There may come a time when you reflect on how your decision-making abilities could impact your future. In such moments, you might consider appointing an attorney through a “power of attorney.” But what does this actually mean?

A Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) is a legal document that enables someone (the Donor) to grant another trusted person (the Attorney) the authority to make decisions on their behalf. This is particularly important if the Donor loses mental capacity or chooses not to make those decisions themselves.

Key Points About LPA:


  • The Donor must be at least 18 years old and capable of making an LPA.
  • The Attorney must also be at least 18 years old and have the mental capacity to act in this role.


  • An LPA is a proactive measure. It ensures that if you lose mental capacity or develop a physical limitation that prevents you from managing your affairs, a trusted person can step in to make decisions on your behalf.
  • Setting up an LPA provides peace of mind, knowing that your future affairs will be managed by someone you trust if you are unable to do so yourself.

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Why Do You Need A Lasting Power of Attorney in Place

Most people understand what a Will is and why they might need one, but Powers of Attorney, commonly known as POAs, are less well-known. This sort of document is also known as an LPA, which is an abbreviation for Lasting Power of Attorney, which is a specific type of POA.

Powers of Attorney are a collection of crucial legal instruments that allow a person to appoint someone else to act on their behalf in specific circumstances. A donor is someone who creates a Power of Attorney. An attorney is the person a donor hires to act on their behalf. Many donors opt to name multiple attorneys (up to 4 is allowed on a single application).

This form of legal document is crucial because it allows nominated individuals to make essential decisions for the donor, such as the sort of health interventions and care they get, as well as the management of their property and income. If an individual loses their mental capacity to make these decisions, such as after a catastrophic injury, their family members are not automatically given these powers.

There are 2 Types of Lasting Powers of Attorney, One deals with your finances and one deals with your health


The Property and Financial Affairs LPA is for day-to-day choices concerning your finances, investments, and real estate.

The Health and Welfare LPA addresses issues such as where you should live and with whom you should live, your daily care, including eating and clothing, and who you should have contact with. Consenting to or refusing medical examination and treatment, assessments for and provision of community services, whether you should participate in social activities, leisure activities, education or training, personal correspondence and papers, and rights of access to personal information about you, including your medical records or complaints about your care or treatment are all covered by the Health and Welfare LPA.

A Health and Welfare LPA can also include a provision that allows an attorney to consent to or deny life-sustaining care on your behalf, although this is not required. Although you are not required to obtain both types of LPA, we urge that you do.

Attorneys must be chosen in order to construct a legitimate LPA. The selection of an attorney is critical due to their broad authority. An attorney, on the other hand, cannot do whatever they want. The lawyer must represent your best interests. Furthermore, if you are imprisoned under the Mental Health Act of 1983, no choice about mental health treatment can be made. Under the two types of LPA, you can select different attorneys to work on your behalf.

To make the LPA valid, you must name the people who will be notified of its registration, and you and your attorneys must sign it in the presence of a witness and in a certain order. A certificate provider is also required to confirm that you have mental capacity at the time the LPA is signed. The LPA must then be filed with the Office of the Public Guardian. An attorney cannot act under the LPA until it is registered, and a Health and Welfare LPA cannot be used until you lose mental ability. Each LPA requires payment of a Court charge, however if your income is below a specific threshold, the Court price is waived or reduced. Our private client team has extensive experience helping you on all elements of LPA creation. If there is a conflict and an attorney needs to be removed, we can help.

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